Clothing designer hands' hold the pattern. White background top view.

Production Preparation Department

(7 stations)

  • developing the prototype dressmaking patterns
  • creating the prototypes
  • production of the entire collections
  • grading patterns in full size range
  • consumption optimisation
  • pattern and marker printing
  • AAMA (DXF+RUL) – MDL conversion or vice versa
  • preparation of model sheets and descriptions for productio

Purchase Department

  • cooperation with manufacturers of fabrics and clothing accessories in the European and Far East marketplace
  • searching suppliers of clothing accessories in accordance with Client’s expectations (an extensive supplier base worldwide)
  • purchasing process control from PO to final usage in the product, with special focus on on-time deliver

Male tailor choosing fabric
Industrial busy sewing workplace

Production Department

  • production planning and allocation in processing facilities
  • deadline supervision
  • preparation of production documents for processing facilities
  • production and quality control by the team of qualified technologists

Export Department and Warehouse

  • customs clearance of imported and exported goods
  • preparation of import documents
  • preparation of export shipments to Clients
  • storage of fabrics and clothing accessories
  • packaging of finished products

White truck on the asphalt road in the evening